sacred art research

sacred art research in Nauvo 18.3.2016



sacred art research in Frankfurt 26.6-3.7.2016


sacred art research in Turku summer 2016


sacred art research in Estonia summer 2016


sound and drawing ritual at cottage

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drawing ritual in Turku


Drawing rituals are based on shamanistic trance-work. The first rituals (July 2016) were done on two separate nights in an atelier, both lasting for several hours. The floor was covered with drawing paper and different mediums, such as charcoal and ink, were put aside. Both rituals resulted large scale charcoal drawings (ritual work).

As further result, more drawings and paintings have been and will be created to contemplate the experience. Also, from what came out of the rituals was reflections on rhythm, movement patterns, breathing and experience of the body as an essential part of drawing and painting in general, and especially drawing and painting in a trance-ritual context.