drawing ritual in Turku


Drawing rituals are based on shamanistic trance-work. The first rituals (July 2016) were done on two separate nights in an atelier, both lasting for several hours. The floor was covered with drawing paper and different mediums, such as charcoal and ink, were put aside. Both rituals resulted large scale charcoal drawings (ritual work).

As further result, more drawings and paintings have been and will be created to contemplate the experience. Also, from what came out of the rituals was reflections on rhythm, movement patterns, breathing and experience of the body as an essential part of drawing and painting in general, and especially drawing and painting in a trance-ritual context.



filming Wyrd movie Ukonvakka

We are currently editing a Wyrd Ritual Art movie

Ukonvakka/Midsummer ritual

The concept/idea of cycle is central in our work it being cycle of year, cycles in nature, DNA-chains and snakes rotating around themselves, labyrinths closing us inside, themes of arguments: all that can simply be called stream of life – inexorable and unassailable, molecular level of life itself.

Our interest to cycles makes it natural that one part of our work is to create rituals that are in connection to the cycle of the year. Midsummer, the summer solstice, is one of the most important celebrations in Finnish mythology, which originally was to celebrate the Finnish god Ukko.

workshops on shamanism