Walk, performance in Viljandi

We made a walking ritual together in Viljandi, Estonia 8th of June 2016.

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Walk was a walkabout, a ritual, a place for contemplation and discovery.

I had intended to walk by myself but many things had happened since I first came up with the idea of the art-piece. On Tuesday 7th of June I asked my fiancé to make the walk together with me; the walk had become something else that I had expected.

The route was drawn on a map that was provided to people as invitations to join the walk or see us go and return. We walked about 20km and collected evidence of the places and experiences that we came across with. We picked flowers and I carried the growing bucket on my hands.

On the installation the walk can be experienced.
The installation is a map of Viljandi the 8th of June.
It is also a map of beginning of summer, ecstasy and dreams.

It is an altar.



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