Wyrd, exhibition in B-gallery, Turku

WYRD at B-Gallery, Turku Finland, from 20th to 22nd of June, was our first actual work together. For two days we were working inside the gallery weaving our destinies together and inviting people to follow the act.

Wyrd is a net that is woven inside gallery during two days.
It is a ritual, a performance and an installation.

Wyrd is a myth, a method and landscape. It is water, blood, and light.
Wyrd is also a dream, act and time – one, two and three tied together.
Wyrd is past, present, and future. It is January, June and the rest of life.

Wyrd is a work about our love.
It is woven of things that we have experienced together, and of things that we have found together.

Wyrd is two rituals, which get plaited together.



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