ritual art in Brazil 1

Jani-Petteri working together with Eero-Tapio Vuori (Ritual Art Renaissance) in Sao Paulo and Cuiaba in Reality Research Center’s Sexlab/Cave Ritual research process. The project is an exploration of the roots of theatre and ritual.Video by Jani-Petteri.

Wyrd Ritual art Collective is involved in Reality Research Center’s Sexlab research project, working together with Ritual Art Renaissance.


Holy / mystery Working Group is looking for ways to create a ritual that is approaching sexuality from the perspective of the sacred, the mystery and ecstasy. Our aim is to re-evaluate the archaic and classical ritual practices and their use today. The research question: What should be updated and the presentation of artistic version Eleysian mysteries.

Cave Ritual will be completed in the fall of 2017.

reality research center/sexlab
ritual art renaissance


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